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This walk explores the lives of Kings, Queens and famous Villains of the City of London

This Walk will visit a variety of sights in the City of London associated with kings and Queens as well as famous Villains

This walk today concerns people and their stories -- their loves and  misfortunes their marriages and divorces their lives and deaths. On the way you will hear some true stories, some stories which may be true, and some stories which are downright untrue but are too good to miss.

We will meet Kings and Queens, writers and poets artists and thieves. In all cases we will be concentrating on the romance of their lives and their relationships. But at the same time we will introduce you to some of the city's hidden corners and some of its more charming sights.

Our walk will last about an hour and a half, and we will finish it in the Guildhall Art Gallery, where we will look at some paintings demonstrating the different stages of love.

Length of Tour:   2 hours

Meeting place:  outside the City of London Information Centre  

Nearest Underground station:  St Paul’s (Central Line)

Length of Tour:   2 hours

Meeting place:  The steps St Paul’s Cathedral  

Nearest Underground station:  St Paul’s (Central Line)

On this walk

Kings and Paupers

What Cake was inspired by this Church?

Why are these Plaques here?

Where is her Heart Buried?

Who is this Chap?

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